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Enhance your course visuals and functionality with our custom blocks, sparking fresh inspiration and engagement.

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Purchase once and reuse our code snippets multiple times across your courses without added costs.

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About Purple Hippo Teachable Academy

Dive into the Evolution of Our Expertise.

From Fedora to Teachable Expertise: Purple Hippo's journey began in 2014 with Fedora, the precursor to Teachable. An initial interest in online course creation led me to author a guide on using the Teachable platform. But with a full-time job and a growing family, I couldn't entirely devote myself to this passion—yet.

Ambassador to Full-time Developer: As the years passed, my bond with Teachable deepened. I joined their Ambassador program, helping premium plan members unlock the platform's full potential. And by March 2018, I had transitioned from a regular job to being a full-fledged web developer specializing in Teachable.

A Recognized Expert: Today, my expertise is not just recognized by clients but by Teachable itself. As a distinguished Teachable Expert, I occasionally collaborate directly with Teachable on partner projects, ensuring that educators get the best out of their platform.

The Tale Behind 'Purple Hippo'

Names that Come Straight from the Heart.

The whimsical name of my web development studio, "Purple Hippo", isn't the product of a marketing brainstorm. Instead, it has a deeply personal origin. It's inspired by the first words of my two sons, Aethyn and Joshua: 'Purple' and 'Hippo'. To me, these words aren't just memories; they're a testament to the cherished moments I've spent with them.

The flexibility and opportunities provided by the Teachable platform have allowed me to cherish these moments even more. In return, I'm committed to helping others realize the platform's potential, crafting designs that can elevate their schools.

On a side note: If you're considering the Teachable platform, the link in the footer is an affiliate one. Should you choose to purchase a subscription through it, I'd receive a small bonus, at no additional cost to you. It's just one of the ways you can support the work I put into making Teachable even better for its users.