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Hero Header #3

A hero-header with a cool video background. The title, subtitle and call to action button are overlaid onto the video.

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Hero Header #3 Version 1.0.0*

This is a very cool hero-header if the background video is picked carefully. Using a video that's too distracting can take away from the main objective which is the call to action. You'll also notice that the text disappears into some parts of the video. We'll look at ways to fix that inside.

Feature Available Change Colour Change Text Font Size Number Alignment
Background Video
Socia Media

Editing a section is very easy. Yes, you'll have to get your hands dirty using the Liquid/HTML block but don't worry, the code is well documented so it's easy to understand change and revert.

Video Background

Placing a video behind the hero header is a little more challenging that the basic hero-headers but with this section we make it fairly painless. The biggest problem you'll likely face is figuring out which video to use.

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This section is not quite ready to be released for purchase.

We're still in the final stages of development and documentation.
However, please do check back soon.

* At Purple Hippo Web Studios, our Sections and Themes use a system based on semantic versioning.
Production sections or themes will normally start with a 1.x.x. Any versions that are 0.x.x are still being developed but may be available for purchase.
All versions are available as a free upgrade once purchased. Just login to copy the new code. Upgrade instructions will be available inside if there is an upgrade published.