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A simple but effective three panel featured area section

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You are purchasing this section above. The animated colours are only to show what can be done and although the JavaScript is included, it does not have to be used.

Social Media Icons

We use the icons from Font Awesome which means they are totally free to use and very, very easy to implement into your section. They are also native to Teachable's system which means Teachable loads them automatically.

Each of these icons can be used in different sizes from x1 right up to x5.

Full instructions are inside the 'course' but each of the sizes can be changed by simply adding a new class, 'fa-lg', 'fa-2x', 'fa-3x', 'fa-4x' or 'fa-5x'.

This section is not quite ready to be released for purchase.

We're still in the final stages of development and documentaion.
However, please do check back soon.