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Introducing the Power Editor

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Oh Noes! The Power Editor

This is what you've all been waiting for! The glorious Power Editor. It's where all the magic can happen and all the disasters too.

First off, I've said it before but it's worth mentioning again - There is nothing here that you can break - nothing that can't be returned to default and the practices you've started (editing your code in an external editor) will mean you're mitigating any breakdowns before they even happen. In saying that however, accidents do happen - bugs in codes are inevitable so don't panic if something doesn't work the way you expect.

To access the Power Editor for your school, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your school
  2. Click on Admin
  3. Select Site -> Power Editor

The Power Editor page has three sections.

  • Menu
    This is the normal menu for the Teachable platform and doesn't change when using the Power Editor.
  • File Tree
    This is a list of all the editable files from your school and it explained in more detail in the next lesson.
  • Editor Panel
    Where all the fun happens, the main Editor window. This is also explained in more detail in a following section.